School Visits

Our farm consists of all kinds of domestic pet animals like goats, poultry, ducks, rabbits, horses, dairy and organic vegetable gardens and plantations. We are delighted that school children come to visit our farm and experience a bit of farm life.
Our goal is to bring awareness of protecting the environment to have pleasure in connecting with nature.
The young vacationers always feel happy in feeding goats and rabbits as they get a chance to interact with the animals, have the experience of walking through our gardens. Farm visits will inspire, share ideas for everyone involved with the outdoor classroom.
This fam visit benefits children in understanding of the natural environment, experiencing outdoor education, and allow them to gain exposure to organic living.
Farm visit will give a unique experience for most of the students who have had no such exposure to this kind of farm freshness and nature’s walk, and it also enhances their learning horizons.
We feel pleasure to offer free visits to Government school children and a nominal fee for non-government schools.