Swimming is a recreational activity, where it meets fun and healthy at the same time. A holiday is not perfect without a dip into the swimming pool. Cherish great experience splash around in a pool that makes you fall in love with swimming! So get in your swimsuits.

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USG Farms gives you the real experience of connecting with nature by bringing fun-filled activities, enjoy riding a horse from our large stables, and enjoy the scenery all along the ride.

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Fishing is more about an activity to help calm your mind, relax, and let go of stress in your life. Sitting at the pond, casting your spinning reel, listening to the gentle sound of water is wonderfully relaxing. Discover the joy of fishing and improve your ability to focus.

Sitting around a campfire will become a natural ending to the day’s events. Gathering around a flame is utterly healing. We can share memories and spread the warmth of hope.

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The most exciting fun-filled activity suitable for all age groups, you will experience a fantastic bullock cart ride that gives you the feel of village life. It will just be a different day from your hectic life.